Habu Sake Facts & Information You Should Know About

If you are not living under a rock, you might have consumed or even are familiar with alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, whiskey, or vodka. These quenchers are a star attraction at parties and gatherings, making merriment its nexus. Brushing past these run-of-the-mill drinks, the land of Japan has reached newer heights and invented … Read more

Subutai Genghis Khan’s greatest General

subutai general

Of all the generals of Mongol empire, none stand taller than Subutai. His reputation as a ferocious warrior was well known which earned him a place as Genghis Khan’s “4 dogs of war”. Unlike Genghis’s 4 horses who were Genghis Khan’s personal friends the 4 dogs were the deadliest of his warriors. Brutal, fearless and … Read more

10 Facts about Venezuelan Poodle Moth You Need to Know

In this edition of uncovering mystical creatures, we will look into yet another breathtaking being, hidden deep inside the caves of the Earth, The Venezuelan Poodle Moth. This bizarre and cute looking creature is guaranteed to take your breath away. 1. What Does The Poodle Moth Look Like? They have a furry body, similar to … Read more

The Countess of Castiglione, aristocrat who achieved notoriety as a mistress of Emperor Napoleon III

the countess of castiglionea

Name : Virginia Elisabetta Luisa Carlotta Antonietta Teresa Maria OldoïniBirth : 22 March 1837Death : 28 November 1899Title : The Countess of CastiglioneHusband : Francesco VerasisChildren : Giorgio Verasis di Castiglione Virginia Oldoini, infamously known as The Countess of Castiglione, was a femme fatale, and an icon in her time, breaking traditional stereotypes, turning eyes … Read more

How do Lobsters Communicate? | A Bizarre Fact That Will Blow Your Mind

Drawing a Parallel Human beings, among other vertebrates, are known to be gifted with the art of communicating with one another, be it verbal, written or nonverbal cues. This particular trait of ours makes us superior, as compared to the rest of the animal kingdom. However, Scientists and Researchers have stumbled across a new and … Read more