The Unicorn: Scotland’s Fabled National Animal

Did you know that Scotland has its very own National Animal? No, we’re not talking about the majestic lion or the ferocious dragon – we’re talking about the Unicorn! This fabled creature has been linked to Scotland for centuries, and is a perfect fit as the National Animal for this proud nation.

It is said to have first appeared on the royal coat of arms in a carving dating back to 1165, and even appeared on gold coins in the 15th century under King James III. When Scotland and England unified under the reign of James VI, the unicorn became part of the English royal coat of arms as well. However, over time it has come to be regarded as the National Animal of Scotland.

Why is Unicorn the national animal of Scotland

There are many theories about why it was chosen by William I (William The Lion). One theory is that King Malcolm III had acquired a unicorn horn through trade – perhaps from Norway or Iceland – which he presented at his coronation ceremony. Another theory suggests that this magical creature was seen as a symbol of purity, chivalry and strength – all qualities associated with Scottish Kings!

Some believe that it was chosen as the National Animal of Scotland because it represents strength, purity and chivalry. The unicorn is a proud and majestic beast, and Scots are proud to have it represent their nation.

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